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Wolfson Microelectronics plc

Wolfson Microelectronics (European Microelectronics) is a global, leading provider of high performance mixed signal semiconductor solutions, and its products are mainly used in the consumer electronics market. Whether in the office or at home, on the road, Wolfson micro creative technology is the core of many of the world's leading digital consumer electronic products, these systems including mobile phones, tablet computer, first-class equipment, high fidelity game machine, MP3 player, flat-panel TVs, digital cameras and portable navigation devices etc.. Wolfson micro is committed to designing and providing groundbreaking audio products, including all kinds of audio from central Europe wins the definition of micro architecture solutions, silicon micro electromechanical systems (MEMS) microphone, power management chip and noise elimination solution, all of these together to make Wolfson provides industry-leading audio a variety of consumer electronic application solutions. This rich and varied product mix allows European customers to better differentiate their digital consumer products and create a new end-user experience. Wolfson Microelectronics was acquired by Cirrus Logic in 2014

Main product series

Audio IC

Application areas

Consumer electronics

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