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Tektronix introduces the PAM4 optical analysis solution for instant oscilloscopes

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Tektronix, the world's leading supplier of measurement solutions, today introduced the new DPO7OE1, a calibrated optical probe and analysis software for use with real-time oscilloscopes, and is an optical reference for compatibility with 28-GBaud PAM4 applications Receiver (ORR), and can support IEEE / OIF-CEI standard specific measurement. The new solution complements Tektronix's sampling oscilloscope optical PAM4 analysis tool, providing the design team with an effective test solution for all stages of the optical transmitter workflow.

This new product is based on instant oscilloscopes (such as PO70000SX), enabling R & D and system engineers to add powerful debug functions to more easily troubleshoot their optical devices: PAM4 and NRZ software clocks, Error detection, and retrieval of time-related or continuous signal records.

"Advanced optical modulation formats like PAM4 require both sampling and real-time oscilloscopes for system testing," said Jan Filip, senior director of integrated development at Maxim Integrated. "The new solution based on real-time oscilloscopes enables us to provide the development team with the key And can use the offline Matlab algorithm to simulate advanced optical receiver systems.Tektronix provides the best performance real-time oscilloscope detection solution for our optical and PAM4 testing requirements and is a strategic partner for our advanced measurement platform "

Maxim Integrated is a manufacturer of high-speed, low-power optical devices for data center applications, and has a profound experience for the value of an instant oscilloscope-based optical PAM4 solution.

Application and Analysis Suite

The DPO7OE1 provides 33 GHz optical bandwidth for 28-GBaud PAM4 debug applications and is also available for legacy NRZ applications. The analysis kit supports standard optical measurements including ER, AOP, OMA, eye height and eye width, as well as PAM4 IEEE and OIF-CEI standard specific measurements including TDECQ.


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